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Dealing with Twins Crying

Two babies, twice the crying – Right? If you have not one but two screaming babies to look after constantly, how are you supposed to stay sane? You can, by learning how to deal with your twins crying beforehand. Here’s how.

Crying is Just Communication

Remember that your babies as of yet have no means with which to communicate other than through crying. Don’t think of it as you having done something wrong. Crying is something completely natural – In fact doctors say that on average babies cry between 1 and 2 hours per day. Just think of their crying as communication, no more and no less.

It’s Not the End of the World

Yes, you should absolutely care deeply about what’s going on with your children when they’re crying. But it’s not the end of the world. Yes, you should react in a timely manner, but that doesn’t mean you should hurt yourself – Physically or emotionally in the process.

Don’t beat yourself up for anything – Remember they’re just babies. You’re the adult. It’s your job to remain emotionally calm to help bring them to emotional calm as well. Babies have an amazing ability to follow emotional states.

What Does it Mean?

When your babies start to cry, it could mean a variety of different things:

Hunger – This is one of the most common ones. They’re hungry and want to be fed.

I want attention – Sometimes babies will cry simply because they want to be loved and held by their mother.

Discomfort – If their clothes don’t fit right or if the room is too hot or cold, or if just about anything in general feels uncomfortable, your baby might cry. Do a quick but thorough check to see what’s wrong when this happens.

Diaper Change – Yet another common one. If your baby is crying and it’s not for food, there’s a good chance they’ve soiled their diaper.

What to Do When They Cry

First thing to do is look for the source of their discomfort. Often times once the source of discomfort is gone, they’ll be happy again.

A few things you can do that will help include:

-       Singing. Sing softly and lovingly to your baby – That often helps soothe their emotions.

-       Rocking back and forth, cradling. This helps create the feeling of being held, which feels great to the baby.

-       Just sending love. Babies are very sensitive to their parents – They can feel when your full attention is on them, on loving them.

Twins crying does not have to be a crisis. In fact, it’s going to happen very often – So get used to learning how to deal with it on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be an immensely stressful experience.


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